Shop Evergreens Beginnings

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       What if I told you that Shop Evergreens was someone else's idea and we totally bought it? Like straight up paid someone, and bought this business that we thought would be a total fun thing to do. Who wouldn't love to buy and try on cute clothes then share them with amazing women? Well that's exactly what we did. Shop Evergreens was started by a sweet and charming gal in our hometown. She decided it was time to let it go and we decided to jump in and go for it. We wanted to keep what she had going alive and we wanted it to thrive. We also wanted to make a buck, but more than that, we wanted to share our love of functional fashion, family, cozy things like Christmas and campfires, and positive vibes. We know there are a lot of places you can visit online, so we're honored and thrilled that you've taken the time to stop by. We're loving this adventure of growing Shop Evergreens and so happy you've come along for the ride. We'll be here whenever you need us filling your life with goodness, wholesome reads, and of course, really cute clothes!

Much Love-

Shop E

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